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A Guide to Different Types of Massages Available in Makati

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One of the most dynamic and vibrant cities in the Philippines, Makati is not only a center for business and commerce but also a place for relaxation and prosperity. Of the many options in the city, a massage is probably one of the most fun things to do. 마카티 마사지 Whether you're a stressed-out executive, a tired traveler, or simply in need of pampering, Makati offers a variety of massage treatments to suit all needs. This guide will walk you through the

different types of massages you can find in Makati so you can choose the best one for your relaxation needs.

1. Swedish massage

Ideal for beginners and those who like a soft touch. Swedish massage is one of the most common types of massage offered at spas and wellness centers in Makati. This technique involves long, flowing sticks combined with cutting and rolling, all designed to promote relaxation and improve circulation. Speed ​​can vary but is generally classified as relatively light. Swedish massage is not just relaxing; It also helps reduce muscle tension and is often recommended to reduce


2. Thai massage

Thai massage is a powerful and effective technique. Often called “Thai yoga massage,” this massage includes stretching and deep massage without the use of oils. While you lie on a mattress or firm mattress, the therapist guides you through a series of yoga poses with his or her body. This type of massage in Makati can immerse you in an interesting culture and is very beneficial for people who enjoy some form of relaxation.

3. deep massage

Deep tissue massage may be the solution for people suffering from chronic pain and muscle aches. This technique uses slow, gentle movements to reach deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue, which helps with muscle damage that often results from injuries. It is a popular choice among athletes and heavy lifters because it helps relieve chronic pain and restore normal range of motion.

4. Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu, a type of Japanese massage therapy, emphasizes the application of manual pressure to a series of meridian acupuncture points. Each point is held for two to eight seconds to increase energy and help the body regain balance. Shiatsu massage in Makati can be found in private spas where traditions are respected. Since this type of massage is performed while the client is fully clothed, it is not suitable for those who prefer not to do so.

5. Reflexology

Often confused with massage, reflexology involves applying pressure to the legs, feet, and ears, which are believed to correspond to different parts of the body. Athletes use a foot chart to guide them when applying pressure to specific areas. This type of treatment aims to promote health and well-being rather than provide relief; however, it is often included as a whole in traditional massage classes.

6. Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy Massage combines light, gentle pressure with the use of essential oils. Your therapist in Makati will usually choose an essential oil blend based on your needs: lavender for stress relief, for example, or herbal tea for muscle pain. The scent of essential oils fills the air as you receive your massage, enhancing the therapeutic experience through the use of scents that are said to harmonize with the brain's energy system and affect

emotions and the nervous system.

7. Stone massage

Perfect for deep relaxation, hot stone massage is popular in the colder months or for those who feel cold. Soft, smooth, hot stones are placed on specific areas of the body, including the back, abdomen, face, hands or feet. The heat from the stones helps relax muscles faster than a traditional massage; This is a great way to relax muscles and improve blood circulation.

8. Sports massage

Sports Massage is specifically designed for people participating in physical activity and combines a variety of techniques to assist athletes during, before, during or after training. It aims to prevent and treat injuries and improve sports performance with an emphasis on recreation, recovery or preparation for physical activity.


Whether you're looking for a peaceful escape from the fast-paced life of Makati City or need personalized therapeutic assistance, a wide variety of massages are available to suit everyone's needs. From the gentle gentleness of Swedish massage to the speed of deep tissue therapy to the power of Thai massage, each method offers unique benefits. When you visit one of Makati's many spas or wellness centers, you'll find yourself embarking on an exciting journey of relaxation and renewal that will revitalize your body and mind.

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