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Ultimate Relaxation Awaits: Discover the Best Massage Experiences in Makati, Philippines

"Unwind and rejuvenate in Makati with the city's finest massage experiences, from traditional hilot to luxurious spa treatments." 마카티 마사지

Makati, the bustling business district of Metro Manila, is not only known for its towering skyscrapers and vibrant nightlife but also for its exceptional wellness and relaxation options. Amid the city's fast-paced environment, numerous spas and massage centers offer a tranquil escape for those seeking to unwind and rejuvenate. Here’s a guide to discovering the best massage experiences in Makati, Philippines.

A Haven of Tranquility: The Best Spas in Makati

1. The Spa at The Peninsula Manila

Located within the luxurious Peninsula Manila Hotel, The Spa offers an opulent retreat from the urban hustle. With its serene ambiance and world-class service, guests can indulge in a variety of treatments. The signature “Peninsula Wellness” massage, combining Eastern and Western techniques, is a must-try for ultimate relaxation.

2. Neo Day Spa

Neo Day Spa, situated in the heart of Makati, is renowned for its contemporary design and holistic approach to wellness. The spa offers a range of services, including the popular “Neo Signature Massage,” which incorporates Swedish, Shiatsu, and Thai techniques. With skilled therapists and a calming environment, Neo Day Spa provides a rejuvenating experience tailored to your needs.

Traditional Meets Modern: Unique Massage Experiences

For those looking for a more traditional massage experience, The Healing Touch is the place to be. This spa specializes in authentic Filipino hilot, a traditional healing practice that uses warm banana leaves and coconut oil to soothe muscle aches and promote overall well-being. The Healing Touch’s skilled therapists ensure a therapeutic experience that revives both body and mind.

4. Aegle Wellness Center

Aegle Wellness Center, located in the City Club at Alphaland Makati Place, offers a blend of modern and traditional treatments. Their bespoke wellness programs, including the “Aegle Therapeutic Massage,” are designed to address individual health concerns. This holistic approach ensures a comprehensive relaxation and healing experience.

Budget-Friendly Options: Quality Relaxation without Breaking the Bank

5. Mont Albo Massage Hut

Mont Albo Massage Hut provides quality massage services at affordable prices, making relaxation accessible to everyone. Known for their no-frills approach, they offer various massages, including the popular “Mont Albo Signature Massage,” a combination of Swedish and Filipino techniques. The cozy ambiance and professional service make it a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

6. Nuat Thai

Nuat Thai, with multiple branches across Makati, offers authentic Thai massage in a serene setting. Their traditional Thai massage, which focuses on stretching and deep tissue pressure, is perfect for relieving stress and improving flexibility. Nuat Thai’s consistent quality and reasonable prices make it a go-to spot for many seeking relaxation.

Luxurious Escapes: Pampering at Its Finest

7. Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont Makati

Willow Stream Spa, located in Fairmont Makati, provides a luxurious spa experience with its extensive menu of treatments. The “Willow Stream Signature Massage” combines aromatherapy with expert massage techniques to create a deeply relaxing experience. The spa’s elegant design and exceptional service make it a perfect choice for those looking to indulge in luxury.

8. I’M Onsen Spa

I’M Onsen Spa, the largest urban spa in the Philippines, offers a unique combination of traditional Japanese onsen and modern spa treatments. The “I’M Onsen Massage” is a standout, combining Swedish and Shiatsu techniques with hot stone therapy. Guests can also enjoy the onsen facilities before or after their treatments, making for a comprehensive wellness experience.


Makati’s diverse range of massage centers and spas cater to every preference and budget, offering everything from traditional Filipino hilot to luxurious aromatherapy sessions. Whether you’re a busy professional in need of a quick relaxation fix or a traveler looking to unwind, Makati has the perfect massage experience for you. Discover the best that this bustling city has to offer and indulge in ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation.

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